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Spread Awareness

Interested in helping to spread Arteriovenous Malformation and Aneurysm awareness online or in your community? We constantly create, publish, and offer many ways for everyone to spread awareness.

AVM Awareness Project – AVMalformation.Org (Facebook Page)

We update our Facebook page with newest content and resources, as well as things happening within the AVMAP. Graphical resources are uploaded there to be easily shared.

Burgundy for Life (Online Store)

An online shop that provides visitors with hand made or designed gifts to help spread AVM/Aneurysm Awareness. The money generated goes directly back into helping to fund more awareness campaigns for AVM and Aneurysms.
(Currently stocks HOPE Awareness Bracelets, Silicon Wristbands, and Awareness Stickers.)

AVM and Aneurysm Infographics and Printables

Every time an infographic or flier about AVMs or aneurysms is created, this page will be updated, so advocates can download and print them to share with family and friends. They are great for simply spreading awareness about these conditions to the general public, or to give out in support groups for people who are just being introduced to the conditions.

Arteriovenous Malformation & Aneurysm Link Directory