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Burgundy For Life Network Website

For the longest time, Burgundy for Life did not have a “central homepage,” where all of our initiatives and projects were linked from. Today, I finally set one up! The URL is!

I hope you will bookmark this website as well, so that when new projects or initiatives are added to Burgundy for Life, you will be the first to know!

In related news, our Facebook Page now has over 2550 Likes! (Maybe we will reach 2600 before 2016? A girl  can dream, right?)

Our Facebook Support Group is as active as ever, with 780 Members, and I recently celebrated my 4th Annie-Versary (craniotomy anniversary).

Pretty great ways to send off 2015, and welcome 2016!

I hope you will look forward to everything we can accomplish together in the upcoming year! 🙂

xo Burgundy for Life


Burgundy for Life & Facebook Milestone

Burgundy for LifeBurgundy for Life is a branch of the AVM Awareness Project, where I create and sell various hand-made and hand-designed products to spread Arteriovenous Malformation and Aneurysm Awareness.
In the past month and a half, I have been very busy designing and creating bracelets and wristbands for various causes (AVM/Aneurysm, Lupus, Your Cause, etc.).  We have also raised $50 for Ben’s Friends Patient Communities in the past month via the Ben’s Friends HOPE Bracelet sales (with 20 bracelets sold and shipped).  The HOPE Bracelets are the best sellers in the shop, and I make every one by hand, to whatever preferences the customers have.  In the past month and a half, I have sold almost 40 of them (given, 1/2 of that are Ben’s Friends HOPE Bracelets, which make them the most popular type).

Another product I have is the “Burgundy for Life” Wristband.  They are burgundy colored silicon awareness wristbands with the text, “Burgundy for Life” and embossed in them, along with 2 ribbons.  With 30 sold, we are almost able to pay it off, and whatever extra we can make over that can go into ordering more of them.
I also sell AVM & Aneurysm Awareness Stickers that I designed a few months ago. All in all, I have been quite busy, making bracelets, designing new ones, working, exercising (I need to get healthier and keep my recovery process forward!), and planning for the FIRST Mid-Atlantic AVM/Aneurysm Support Group meeting that is in less than a week.

Facebook Milestone: 290 Likes!

We reached 290 Likes yesterday, and today, we are at 291.  I didn’t expect to get to such a high number ever, and most certainly in not this short period of time.  I am overwhelmed daily by the amount of support I have been receiving for this project, and very thankful for everyone who has been contributing, whether just by visiting the AVM Awareness Project, Liking the Page, joining us in the Support Group, or purchasing a bracelet.

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