September is Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month! To celebrate, we have organized the AVM/BA Brain Freeze Challenge, with the help of our support group members, and we hope you will participate! For the AVM/BA Brain Freeze Challenge, we challenge friends, acquaintances, families, and strangers to drink a smoothie or a slurpee as quickly as possible, and donate $5-10 to a foundation or organization that helps patients and research of Vascular Anomalies (which includes AVMs and Brain Aneurysms). More information, other ways of participating (for those of us with medical sensitivities), and organizations we recommend donations to are all listed on the website, AVM/BA Brain Freeze Challenge ( You can also visit us and post your contributions/challenges to the Facebook Page. We look forward to seeing your challenges!! 🙂 Also, because of popular requests, we are again doing the Daily Brain Aneurysm Facts campaign on our Facebook Page (AVM Awareness Project).  Please share and help us spread Brain Aneurysm Awareness!!!