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About the Site

AVM Awareness Project (AVMalformation.Org) is a database for resources, information, and support for Arteriovenous Malformation, Aneurysm, and related illnesses, based in Mid-Atlantic, USA.  We provide resources and support, as well as a venue to share personal stories about living a life disrupted by AVMs and Aneurysms.

Our primary goal is to spread awareness, through designing and producing of awareness products, online campaigns, and stories shared with us to share with our visitors
We are a “not for profit,” but not a registered Non-Profit 501c3 Organization (Why?).

Within the network of sites and projects are Burgundy For Life (online shop), and Mid-Atlantic AVM/Aneurysm Support Group. We also host various Facebook Pages (AVM Awareness Project, Burgundy for Life, Mid-Atlantic AVM/Aneurysm Support Group) and Groups (Burgundy for Life (AVM/Aneurysm Awareness), Mid-Atlantic AVM/Aneurysm Support Group).


Informational content in this site has been either written by the administrators, or reprinted with permission (sources explicitly stated at the bottom of the page).

Graphical resources have been created for use by any interested parties, as long as they are not sold or used in for-profit situations (please contact us beforehand so we can evaluate the situation, if you are unsure). If printing out large quantities or as actual posters, please let us know. Credit must remain intact as presented.

Important Notice

This website is not meant to replace your physician, or to diagnose your condition or prescribe treatment options in his or her place, but merely to serve to provide information and informational resources to aid in your making of informed decision about your healthcare under the guidance of your healthcare providers.

AVM Awareness Project cannot be held responsible for the information on external sites that it links to; they are provided only for reference, and may change published information at any time without this site’s knowledge. AVMalformation.Org is also not affiliated with any of the sites linked through its databases unless otherwise listed.

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